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How Much are Walk-in Tubs?


Walk-in tubs are their own breed when it comes to being consumer product. Similar to the auto industry, walk in tubs can vary greatly in price depending on the quality, origin, or brand reputation. Take for instance the quality, brand awareness and reputation of a car company like Toyota. You're probably well aware of the fact that their top of the line model with all the bells and whistles is going to cost more than a similarly equipped Mitsubishi model. Walk in bathtubs are very similar in the way they're priced.


The higher end (albeit more expensive) walk in bathtubs have historically been the "American Made" models. Some of these companies have been around for many years, and some are less than five years old. These companies have proven the quality of their models and backed them up with pretty comprehensive warranties. Whereas the lesser expensive models offered in home improvement stores and online are usually offering only a limited parts warranty and you'll have to pay for all labor out of pocket. 


What can I expect a walk-in tub to cost?


Although walk-in bathtubs usually don't cost as much as cars, a tricky installation could fetch up to the price of a nice economy car. Similar to the way that vehicles can range from $15,000 to upwards of $60,000, walk-in bathtubs can have that much of a difference too. You'll find that some walk-in tubs will fall under the $3,000 price range, whereas others may come in at nearly $20,000 before installation.


Surely you don't need all the bells, whistles and features of the $20,000 tub, does anyone really?...


How to decide on a walk in bathtub


Now you know that you're choosing between high quality and low quality, but it's still tricky to determine which ones are really high quality versus those that are simply price gouging customers with an inferior product. 


As much as most of our visitors hate to hear it, the best companies are those that come to your home and provide a detailed in-home estimate. It's as simple as this... If a company doesn't care enough to make sure the product is going to fit, they're probably not the ones that are going to be installing it. If the company that's selling you the walk-in bathtub isn't the same one who's installing it, they really don't care whether it fits or not.


If you order a walk-in bathtub online, you can be certain that once you've paid for it and it arrives, it's your problem to see through until the finish. It would be extremely rare to receive a refund on a walk-in bathtub that had been delivered, much less attempted to be installed.


Overall, get a quote from a few well-known companies. If you've seen them on TV, there's probably already plenty of information on the internet about them. Avoid going with a company that's strictly selling online, and never buy one without a written guarantee on service and installation. Make sure everything that is promised is in writing.


Where do we get our prices?


People just like you!


We survey thousands of walk-in bathtub shoppers to find out what prices they've received from various companies. That information is then saved anonymously in our database so we can help others determine what their price may be before scheduling an appointment. This makes it super easy to get an estimate in your area and know what to compare other companies with. You'll be in control and know as soon as something doesn't seem right.


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